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Company Setup In China

Over the past few decades, China has become an increasingly attractive market for businesses from all over the world. Actually setting up your business in this foreign country can be a real challenge though. Unfamiliar, complicated bureaucracy and ever changing laws and regulations deter a great number of entrepreneurs of taking a leap into the unknown. With Incorp China as your partner, you will never have to worry about anything other than your business strategy in China again. Please have a look at the following services we can provide to set your business up for success.

Thanks to our partners in Hong Kong, we are proud to offer the company formation services listed below in Mainland China as well as Hong Kong.

Business Registration

We take care of the entire business registration process in both Mainland China and Hong Kong, including:

  • Document authentication service
  • Obtaining government approval for Company Name
  • Approval for Project Feasibility Report
  • Obtain Articles of Association
  • Obtain Industrial Trade and Development
  • Department Approval Certificates
  • Obtain business licenses (consisting of organization code, tax certificate)
  • Obtain chops (company chops, finance chops, personal chops, customs declaration seal and invoice-dedicated seal. What are “chops” and why are they important? Find out here.)
  • Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate
  • Customs registration
  • Trade Operator registration
  • Translation service: English documents into
  • Mandarin and vice versa as required

In order to ensure your business registration is carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible, our team personally delivers each application to the corresponding government bureau. This way we can make sure that your applications pass the inspection processes successfully.

Bank Account Opening
Opening a bank account in China as a foreigner takes time, patience and a lot of documents. Mainland China government's recent crackdown on money laundering tightened restrictions even further. Don't slow yourself down with the technicalities – let us do the work. Our team will personally visit the local bank branches in order to ensure a smooth and timely application process.

  • Open a capital account at the local bank for transactions from overseas
  • Open basic bank account for registered capital transactions in Renminbi (RMB)
  • We work with local CPAs to handle your Capital Verification Reports

Office Space Setup
Whether you need a large office to accommodate an entire team of people or one meeting room only – we will find the space that fits your needs at a low price point.

  • Office rental
  • Lease negotiation and contract work
  • Office setup – installing lights/wifi/telephone lines etc. as well as furnishing the office so it is ready for your first meeting.

China Visa and Document Authentication Services
At Incorp China, we have a strong and long-standing partnership with CIBTvisas, the global leader in travel visas, with excellent customer support and dedicated account management. Click Here to take advantage of Incorp China’s negotiated rates with CIBT and other premium services.

  • China work and residence permits for yourself, your foreign employees and family members
  • Find out more about visa renewal services on our back office support page.

Work and Residency Permits

Human Resources
Thanks to our experience with both Western and Chinese businesses and staff, we understand who will add the most value to your business. Let us forge through the Chinese labor market for you and find you the talent that fits your individual needs.

  • Register company with the local Labor Bureau and Housing Fund Management Center
  • Find and interview local staff according to your criteria
  • Negotiate salaries and benefits
  • Set up employment contracts

Apart from helping you find employees for your company we also help with regular HR and administrative tasks that come with running a business. For more information, have a look at our back office support page.

For all enquiries about prices, duration of setup, and any other related questions, please call us at +1 561 729 6508 or leave us a message below. We are looking forward to hearing from you

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