What is China’s Entrepreneur Visa?

What is China’s Entrepreneur Visa?

July 31, 2021 Comments Off on What is China’s Entrepreneur Visa? By The Incorp China Team

What type of Visa do I need to setup my business in China?

What type of visa does someone need if they had just set up their company, and planning to stay in China for a long time to complete all the follow-up tasks, but cannot yet be employed by their own business so they can't get a working permit? How could this person legally stay in China during this period?

They could apply for something called China Entrepreneur Visa. This visa is designated as a more flexible way to legally stay in China to make sure things are going in the right direction.

What is an Entrepreneur Visa?

The entrepreneur visa, also known as the Private Residence Permit entrepreneurship visa, was piloted by the Chinese government in 2018. The visa is aiming to attract expert and talented entrepreneurs to start their businesses in China. Foreigners are granted the access to legally stay in China to conduct business activities, e.g., setting up the office, conducting industry research, and other required jobs to set up a WFOE.

Compared to the working permit, which could only be applied with sponsorship from an existing company, an entrepreneur visa allows foreigners to enter and stay in China before their company being set up. Once the company is being established, it could be used as a visa sponsor to apply for a working permit.

Who could apply for the visa?

A Chinese university graduate who is currently enrolled in one of Shanghai’s institutes of higher education and who has the stated intention to engage in part-time entrepreneurship applies with a business or innovation plan. This would usually require the student to have certain skills and have a plan related to government-designated science and technology parks.

A recent graduate (within 2 years) from top universities in the world who have made outstanding achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship.

An investor applies with an innovation plan or a business plan and shows their intent to invest in the plan. 

How to apply for an entrepreneur visa?

The process of applying for an entrepreneur visa is similar to one of applying for other visas. Such as providing university diploma and passport information, undergoing a health check…

Besides the essential documents, the applicant must also submit:

  • An investment certification form: This will often include documents to show the proof of funds if the applicant applies as a potential investor. 
  • An application letter: This would be the business plan and the explanation of the reason for wanting to start a business in China.

The entrepreneur visa would definitely be a great fit for people who wished to start a company in China. Compared to the other types of working visas, an entrepreneur visa would be less costly and more viable.

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