Tax Bureau

Tax Bureau

June 7, 2021 Comments Off on Tax Bureau By The Incorp China Team

One consistent feature of our business style at Incorp China is the emphasis we put on going the extra mile for our clients. As a boutique, white-glove China consulting firm, Incorp China prioritizes resourcefulness, close communication, and building personal relationships.

This was recently demonstrated when one client who wanted a Consulting WFOE was not able to travel to Shenzhen to meet local government officials in person, as is required during normal times. Even with vaccines being distributed worldwide, the coronavirus pandemic is not yet over, and traveling to China is explicably difficult as a result.

Typically, foreigners seeking a certificate to establish a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) in China must visit the local bank and tax bureau in person. Thus, any company moving to China needs a team of proactive, experienced, on-the-ground specialists who know how to abide by these regulations. Each jurisdiction in China has its own set of rules, and a team of experts is necessary to navigate them.

In our most recent visit to the local bank, our client was allowed to make an on-the-spot video call as he was not present. The client confirmed over a WeChat video call all the necessary information, and the WFOE was promptly issued. The tax bureau also agreed to grant an extension so our client could later visit the tax bureau in person after the borders reopen.

What had occurred was yet another example of our employees using creative solutions in tough times.

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