Investment Provinces: a Quick Look at China’s Richest Regions

Investment Provinces: a Quick Look at China’s Richest Regions

April 27, 2021 Comments Off on Investment Provinces: a Quick Look at China’s Richest Regions By Robert Fisch

It is quite well-known that China had made stupendous economic growth in the last 30 years. Today, we compiled a list of the richest provinces where the growth most rapidly occurred.


The three main cities are: Jiangmen City, Kaiping City, and Foshan City. The GDP (Gross  Domestic Product) is the total of 12.5% of the entire nation. This province is considered one of  the most notable provinces in China, giving it dominant economic and financial strength.  Being China’s most populous province with over 100 million residents, this province is also known for benefiting greatly from the “reform and opening” policies such as the Open Door  Policy.  


The important cities in this province are: Jianye District, Nantng City (Su-Tong Science  and Technology Park), Rugao City, Taicang City as well as Yencheng (Env. Science and  Technology City), located in Eastern China. GDP per capita, as well as DLI (Life Index) is ranked  first and foremost in China. 


The main cities are as follows: Haining City, Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic and  Technological Development Area, Tongxiang City, as well as Tongxiang Economic Development  Zone, Zhuji City, and Jiaxing Economic and Technology Development Zone. Located just south  of Yangtze River, this province is known to back domestic business as well as entrepreneurs.  For 21 years, Zhejiang’s Disposable Income (per capita) has been ranked in first place.  Hubei  

Located in the center of China, Wuhan City is an important city to note in this region. It  is China’s central transportation hub, and it consists of 400 million population (500 m from  Wuhan City) and home to I billion people (1000 km from Wuhan) 


 This well-known city across the glove is the epicenter of China’s trade, export/ import,  economic, trade, financial of China, while also acting as its innovation center. The Gross 

Domestic Product is 4% of the country. Aside from its important economic utility to China,  Shanghai acts as an international port city ranked primarily in the world, while also being a  favored spot for investment for foreigners. Major districts in Shanghai include: Xu Hui,  Changning, Yangpu, Quingpu District (Zhangjiang Industrial Development Zone) , as well as  Pudong New Area and Jinshan Industrial Park. 


Anqing City is important to note in this province. Located in the center of Eastern China,  Anhui has become a city with a continually increasing population. The pollution reached about  61.43 million with 50.5 % urbanization rate by the end of 2015. One of the main reasons Anhui  is a city to look out for, is due to the fact that it acts as a manufacturing base for not only raw  materials, but also for processing, agricultural production as well as energy. Some main industries in this province include: Machinery, appliances (household), automobiles,  agricultural products, as well as chemicals. 


Puwan New District of Dalian city is important to this province. Located in southern  (northeast) part of China, it covers an essential industrial base which is highly considered as  one of the most important one in China because it covers a massive part in industrial  categories, this is also due to its location. (Borders of Bohai in South, and Yellow Sea s well as  being across seas from Korea and Japan) It covers most manufacturing for industries of raw  material processing. Just like Guangdong, it was also one of the first places to progressively  advocate reforms such as the Open Door Policy. Lianing is a popular province to invest in as  many Fortune 500 companies have invested here, along with partnering with over 217  countries and regions. 


This province is located near the Yellow River ( middle and lower parts) in the Central  East and an important city to this Rehion is the Zhengdong New District in Shengzhou City.  Just like Hubei, it holds one of China’s important transportation hubs. GDP wise, it is ranked 

fifth in China, and as of 2015, it is ranked first in Western China. Henan’s primary region is  considered a growth pedestal in China’s economic well-being, as it is rated number four in the  nation. Part of the reason why is due to the fact that not only does in have an increasing growth  market, but it also has bountiful resources for labor. 


A city within the Bohai Economic Rim, and is considered a municipality of China that is  directly controlled. This province has been considered a ‘gateway’ for parts of China (Northern)  as well as the world outside of China and as of 2015, it was considered a Pilot Free Trade  Zone. This province is vital to China’s economy because it is where TEDA (Tianjin Economic Technological Development Area) that was established in 1984. China created TEDA for the  sake of the national economic and technological development zones. Overall, TEDA’s growth  have totaled 33 sq km to around 400 sq km which leads to the expansion of companies, as it is  utilized by over 10,000 companies. In addition, it was also nominated by UNIDO (Nations  Industrial Development Organization) as “China’s Most Dynamic Region”. TEDA also received  recognition as China’s Most Attractive Economic Park for Investment as well as receiving AAA  rating, according to China Knowledge. 


Langkou City is the primary city in the province of Shandong. Located just North of  Eastern China, it has the second biggest population as a city in China. While being beneficial to  China’s economy, (acquiring a growing economic market for consumers, as well as having one  of the most rich labor resources in China), Shandong is also one of top three provinces in  China that has the highest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) about 9.09% of China.

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