China Rebounds After Two Month Fight Against Coronavirus

China Rebounds After Two Month Fight Against Coronavirus

March 24, 2020 Comments Off on China Rebounds After Two Month Fight Against Coronavirus By The Incorp China Team
China Rebounds Following Two Month Fight with Coronavirus, incorpchina, incorp china

Just recently on March 19th Wuhan reported the first day of receiving no new cases. While there are still strict measures in place to prevent further spread of the Covid-19, the Coronavirus, the country has already begun shifting back into the regular flow of business. Companies are opening up, people are going to work, and life is beginning to go back to normal.

With this upturn and people going back to work, we’ve opened our offices again and have started consulting our clients in handling the economic strain caused by the Coronavirus in China. Getting back into the usual way of business after the outbreak has had its ups and downs. Especially for our company, consulting our clients on how to best deal with it has been quite a challenge but we’ve enjoyed it none the less. We’ve had a meeting already with the tax bureau and many reopening businesses.

This trend is echoed throughout the country, and after a two-month-long battle against the virus, the economy is beginning to turn back up and rise again.  Of course, the Chinese government hasn’t said the virus is beaten, for that, they’re waiting until at least two weeks have passed with no new reported cases, but overall, this is good news for businesses, the economy, and those looking to start work in China.

The cities with the highest turnaround are the coastal cities and those farther away from Wuhan, cities such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The measures taken by the Chinese government really demonstrate how efficiently the Chinese government has handled the outbreak. The measures are taken, temporarily sacrificing economic growth to combat the outbreak, which is another tough choice soon to be faced by the United States and other countries newly coming into contact with the virus. The following weeks will be vital in combating the virus.

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