China’s Economic Stimulus in Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

China’s Economic Stimulus in Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

May 5, 2021 Comments Off on China’s Economic Stimulus in Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic By Robert Fisch

In recent times, due to the coronavirus epidemic, it has become more valuable for businesses to open in China. They have waived fees and given credits to small businesses to stimulate the economy. While they have a wide variety of credits, they do prefer certain businesses, including those like manufacturing business or medical businesses. This is not for the short term, as the benefits could last all the way through the end of 2025. In total, all of the benefits and waived fees total up to around 85 billion dollars.

These benefits were made by Li Keqiang this year (in 2021), during the yearly meetings of the NPC and CPPC national Committee. Li Kequiang is the Premier of the State Council of the PRC and a key architect of the country’s current economic reforms. This isn’t the first time incentives have been set in place for small businesses to come to China. Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, a new volley of such efforts have been made.

There are many new benefits to small businesses that are included in the new laws. Here are some of the following benefits provided by Li Kequiang’s pronouncement. Those paying value added tax payments through their small businesses now only have to pay a 1% levy rate, in comparison to the old 3% levy rate. This is, to be sure, a 66% reduction rate. Also, the exception ceilings placed on value added taxes went up almost 50% to $23000, from a previous high of around $15,400. This allows even smaller firms who do not meet the lower threshold to evade such taxes.

There is also a benefit to those who buy their business equipment locally. There is the opportunity to be refunded the money they pay in their value added tax payments if they make the effort to purchase locally. Another opportunity to waive value added tax fees goes to businesses who are able to give loans to other small businesses, entrepreneurs, etc. who can use the help. China is trying to help businesses who support other businesses by waiving their VAT payments.

All of these benefits vary in timeframes. Some last through 2021, whiles others last until the end of 2023. On top of all of this help during the epidemic, China is also allowing the

Individual Income Tax fees to be waived for individuals who are gaining extra income from bonuses or subsidies from their work in the epidemic or healthcare industry. There are also deductions one can make on money that is put towards helping others (that is, helping those effected by the coronavirus epidemic) in COVID related areas. This can be considered right offs for Corporate Income Taxes. Corporate income taxes will be cut for small businesses who are not only supporting COVID relief efforts, but also businesses of a certain size. That is, businesses who have less than three hundred employees, or who have less than $462,000 in taxable income. China is committed to helping both small business and businesses supporting relief efforts in these strenuous times. China is also letting small businesses put their new equipment as deductions on their taxes if they cost less than $780,000 dollars in total.

Another benefit to businesses in the medical field, at least, is the yielding of fees on medical equipment (or related items) when it comes to fighting the coronavirus. The Chinese government wants to benefit these businesses and do what they can to help them on their path. China is committed to helping small businesses during these hard times. It can be a complicated path to find for certain if you are eligible for these benefits, but contacting the advising team at is a sure way to find out clearly what benefits you are able to receive. Depending on what you find out, China can be a lucrative spot for small businesses, especially those focused on directly helping coronavirus efforts.

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