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Get ahead of your competitors by hosting your business’s website within China!

In order to host within China you’ll need to obtaining an Internet Content Provider License (ICP). Hosting your website in China has many benefits such as improved SEO ranking, faster load times and better accessibility for Chinese citizens due to bypassing the Chinese internet firewall.

Applications for an ICP license can be a long and complex process but here at Incorp China we work around the clock with our expertise team to get your application through in no time.

Things to remember before applying for an ICP license

Before beginning the application process, you must understand the difference between an ICP Filing and an ICP license.

  • ICP Filing (for non-commercial websites): Companies, including JVs (Joint Ventures), 100% foreign-owned entities, and 100% Chinese-owned companies, are eligible to make an ICP Filing. This is only for websites offering informational content, and for websites that do not intend to sell products or conduct business.
  • ICP license (for commercial websites): In addition to Chinese-owned business entities with a Chinese business license, JVs with a foreign investment of less than 50% can apply for an ICP license. The purpose is to exclude foreign companies that do not have Chinese joint ownership.

Chinese nationals are eligible to apply for an individual ICP filing. However, non-Chinese individuals must be physically present in China for a sufficient period to satisfy the basic registration requirements. These individuals may also need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Have a Chinese landline or mobile phone number with an SMS facility
  • In many cases, having an Alipay account that connects to a Chinese bank account. Depending on the province, there could be different rules, and MIIT may call the applicant to verify the reason for the ICP license application.
  • Access to a person who can accept and send your mail
  • Be fluent in Mandarin

If all documents are in order, the entire ICP license application process takes between 20 days to a month. However, if you wish to apply for the ICP Commercial license, the process usually takes 60-90 days.

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Business & Personal Relations In China Podcast

SupChina recently released a podcast with host Chris Marquis featuring Robert Fisch as his guest. Robert is a master storyteller and he draws on his diverse experiences in China to illustrate some key principles that businesses can learn from, such as the importance of personal relations and the human touch when doing business in China. And he also provides some very practical advice on many topics from setting up a wholly foreign-owned entity (WFOE) to how business in China has shifted in the COVID era. 

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Investment Provinces: a Quick Look at China’s Richest Regions

It is quite well-known that China had made stupendous economic growth in the last 30 years. Today, we compiled a list of the richest provinces where the growth most rapidly occurred.


The three main cities are: Jiangmen City, Kaiping City, and Foshan City. The GDP (Gross  Domestic Product) is the total of 12.5% of the entire nation. This province is considered one of  the most notable provinces in China, giving it dominant economic and financial strength.  Being China’s most populous province with over 100 million residents, this province is also known for benefiting greatly from the “reform and opening” policies such as the Open Door  Policy.  

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Asia Business Conference Speaking Opportunity

robert fisch at the asia business conference

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be invited by The University of Michigan to join their discussion panel for their Asia Business Conference event. It was truly a wonderful experience being able to speak about the power of e-commerce and mobile technology in China.

I would like to thank everyone at the conference as well as fellow speakers Peter Sim, Lee Boyd, and Mon-Han (Hans) Chung, CFA for making the event as memorable and inspirational as it was. I also would like to extend my gratitude to Tiffany Chen, Alex Guo, and Yechunhe (Sylvia) Zhou for hosting the conference. It was wonderful to hear other professionals discuss their experiences in China’s ever-growing market.

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